Liberty Film Festival Screening

Chris Simcox, Mercedes Maharis, Jim Gilchrist
Liberty Film Festival 22 Oct 05 Screening

"Cries from the Border" was one of twenty-five films chosen from films submitted from around the world for the Liberty Film Festival."

To my surprise, several notables appeared at the screening!

Festival organizers invited Minuteman Project founders Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist to speak before the screening.

Also attending was California's David Hernandez who is up for election for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. He expressed his deep concern to me about California schools who have 70% Hispanic students, but of that 70%, he stated that only 50% graduate. He was also troubled about the deaths on our border.

Rep. Ed Royce, Orange County, California also spoke before the film. He expressed his primary concern - that our unsecured borders put our national security at stake. He stated that we are vulnerable to terrorists entering the USA through our porous borders per alarming reports at immigration hearings that he has attended.

It was a pleasure to meet two immigrants at the festival who have done very well here in the United State. They are committed to doing their part to create positive change for future immigrants who come into the USA...

Tony Dolz, V.P. Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Stonewall Partners LLC, from Cuba by way of Sweden told me of his committment to make immigration laws work through his dedication to the Minuteman Project. He is currently running for office from our former home town, Santa Monica, CA. Plus, vivacious Anna Marie Evans, a successful businesswoman, spoke about her personal journey to California. She arrived at age 16, and has surpassed many obstacles to build a successful career in Southern California real estate. She spoke, expressing her gratitude to the USA for her stellar rise here.

From Mr. Gilchrist's web site: the following:

"Saturday evening, October 22, Jim Gilchrist joined Minuteman Project co-founder Chris Simcox at the 2nd Annual Conservative Liberty Film Festival in West Hollywood, to participate in the world premiere screening of "Cochise County, USA: Cries from the Border."

Prior to the showing of this extraordinary documentary, both Minutemen founders were invited to the podium to relate their personal accounts of how they became leaders on the frontlines of protecting our borders.

Inspired by her own shattering experiences living along the US-Mexico border, Arizona resident and film producer Mercedes Maharis documents the national tragedy of illegal immigration as experienced by the residents of Cochise County, Arizona. The county has only 130,000 residents, yet was the crossing point for more than 235,000 illegal immigrants in 2004. The movie documents the toll this takes on the local community, the environment, and the immigrants themselves.

The film features interviews with Cochise County residents and officials, Border Patrol officials, pacifists, civil rights activists, and illegal migrants and documents the emergence of the Minuteman citizen border movement. It also features extraordinary footage of actual illegal border crossings.

She was recently featured on Fox National News'"Heartland" program, on KGUN and KVOA TV news in Tucson, AZ, in newspaper articles, and on local and national radio programs about her film, which was just selected for inclusion in the international Liberty Film Festival in Los Angeles.

An additional special private screening of "Cries from the Border" followed by a fundraising reception for the Gilchrist campaign, with the film's director as a special guest had been scheduled for Saturday, October 29, in Sacramento. Unfortunately, because of threats and intimidation by anarchist anti-Minutemen protestors planning to disrupt a Minuteman Rally at the state Capitol scheduled earlier the same day, the campaign event was cancelled by the hotel venue. Local police persuaded the Clarion Hotel to withdraw their services for the screening and reception.

The campaign events will be re-scheduled at a later date in the 48th District, to provide an opportunity for Orange County residents to see this remarkable film."

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