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"It's time for positive change.
My dream for peace will never die." MM

A former and current educator, Mercedes Maharis holds Masters' Degrees from Indiana University in Latin American Studies, University of Arizona majoring in Interior Design and from California State University Los Angeles in Special Education, Gifted and Talented.

In 1982, Ms. Maharis founded her own video production company, Mercedes Maharis Productions, in Santa Monica, California and became one of the first home video pioneers.

In addition to writing and producing educational films, she wrote and produced television commercials, as well as corporate industrials and independent projects after moving to her larger studio in Culver City, California.

She is retired, but, currently juggles tutoring low vision and blind seniors in computer assistive technology, while finishing 2 long time projects about isolation and combat photography in World War II.

She lives in Hereford, AZ with her husband Robert, a retired film location manager in the motion picture industry. Actor George Maharis is her brother-in-law.

"I have begun distribution of my newest documentaries 1) to inform the world community about our border challenges here in Arizona, 2) to hasten delivery of border films for study, and 3) to create an accurate record for the future.

My pledge is that all of my films are filled with primary resource material from Cochise County, Arizona, my home. May these films illuminate and preserve our border history for general knowledge, education, sociology, anthropology and immigration studies.

The subject of illegal immigration has divided our small community, just as it has divided our nation. My films speak for themselves. I only hope that they can hasten positive social change. As depressing as some of these films can be, I hope that they inspire solutions that are intelligennt and hopeful for all of us.

I have completed my Sony Certified Vegas Editor certification to make me a better editor. As time and resources permit, I'm doing my best to fulfill your interactive DVD requests. I remain certain that becoming informed about our border can help create positive change.

In closing, I produced my flagship film, COCHISE COUNTY USA: Cries from the Border, to inform others about life and death in Cochise County on the Arizona border with Mexico. It is a view from the front lines - from residents, the young, the old, local and federal officials, migrants, activists and pacifists. I documented their personal experiences and views about the complex social, economic and environmental impact of illegal immigration upon Cochise County, which joins New Mexico to the East and Mexico to the South. It is currently available on DVD from retailers online, such as

Thank you for caring enough about our border to want to be and to be informed through my work." MM MM

National newspaper coverage of her films includes Patrick Goldstein's review in The Los Angeles Times, Tuesday, 13 June 2006, in the Reviews and Comments section.

Leo W. Banks' article in The Wall Street Journal 25 May 2006 also reveals Ms. Maharis journey with COCHISE COUNTY USA: Cries from the Border.

In Arizona KGUN TV and KVOA TV news reported on her film in Tucson, AZ.

More Newspaper articles covering COCHISE COUNTY USA: Cries from the Border include the Sierra Vista Herald, The Douglas Dispatch, The Arizona Daily Star and The Arizona Republic invited her to write an article for Viewpoints published Sunday, 11 June 06.

CBS radio featured her on The Ernie Brown Show, Dallas, TX. as well as The Spencer Hughes Talk Show FOX radio, Our World with Neil Cavuto FOX TV, DaySide FOX TV, National News' Heartland FOX TV.

The international Liberty Film Festival selected COCHISE COUNTY USA: Cries from the Border from submissions from around the globe as one in their Los Angeles festival, October 2005.

She was a featured guest on CNN's Paula Zahn Show 19 June 06, on The Lou Dobbs Show 15 June 06, and on SHOWBIZ.

July 2006,she appeared on Channel 8, KAET Phoenix, HORIZON and HORIZONTE.

She appeared on The Gregory Mantell Show to introduce her new projects "The Arizona Border Film Series", new documentaries she has been working on the past two years.

French Educational Television producer Roxanne Frias. is including her in a new documentary on border issues,

Ms. Maharis recently appeared and spoke at a screening of her work as part of the Sierra Vista One Book, One Community 2008 celetration.

For Ms. Maharis' speaking engagement availability, contact Patrick K. Greene, Esq. (520) 457 3430.

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