CRIES FROM THE BORDER: Order Update Info and Synopsis

Order Update Info and Synopsis

Cries from the Border

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Officials, residents and immigrants reveal the environmental, economic and social impact of illegal immigration at ground zero: Cochise County, Arizona USA a divided community.

Illegal immigrants pour into the Cochise County desert vortex, some losing their lives, due to a US immigration policy that has virtually shut off mass access through urban areas into the United States along the border with Mexico.

Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever opens the film, sharing his experience and conclusions about the escalating effect of illegal immigration on Cochise County throughout the years.

We watch the development of Chris Simcox - from his ownership of the Tombstone Tumbleweed newspaper and forming the Civil Homeland Defense in Tombstone, AZ to becoming the nationally recognized Minuteman Project Co-Founder.

Border Action Network Director, Jennifer Allen, offers concerns about environmental damage to the fragile Sonoran desert, as well as the civil rights of border crossers.

Resident Dee Force expresses her concerns about terrorists entering the USA and causing problems at Fort Huachuca.

Professor Guadalupe Castillo passionately relates her knowledge about labor migration to the United States and her views about the current effects of the tightening of the border and the resulting deaths in the desert.

And we witness the commitment of humanitarians working to raise awareness about immigration problems and deaths in the desert - Citizens for Border Solutions and the Christian Peacemakers.

Also included:

CRIES FROM THE BORDER is a haunting film about illegal immigration that reveals the raw truth about life and death in Cochise County, Arizona.

Original music, a fast pace and clashing views from many sources make this documentary both thought provoking as well as highly controversial.

1 hour 9 Minutes

Cries from the Border
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